Fenix - port of Bronka Fenix company

An advanced modern port will allow to solve the problem of port capacity
deficiency in the North-West region of the Russian Federation, to reduce
the load on street and road network of Saint-Petersburg.

Port of Bronka

Reduction of vessel passing time

One-way ship transit pass is reduced at least for 3 hours due to Gulf of Finland vicinity.

Big schema canal
Local sea canal

Well-developed transportation network

Х Saint-Petersburg ring road
Х Railways infrastructure allows to carry cargo in 3 main directions. (Existing railway station Bronka)

Map railways
Road and highway

Prospective vessels call at Bronka port

Advanced types of large vessels could be serviced:

Panamax class container ship
Finnstar class ferry

Possibility to use adjoining territories

Surrounding territories could be used for production and logistics, according to Saint-Petersburg development master plan.

Port and adjoin area

About the project and port construction

Increase of port capacities on the Russian coast of the Gulf of Finland as well as transport and logistics development are the priority areas of transport infrastructure modernization in the Northwest region of the Russian Federation.

Port of Bronka project is realized within the framework of "The Concept of development for the most prospective areas of Port of Saint-Petersburg". The project was initiated by the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport and the Government of Saint-Petersburg.

About Bronka port project
Project progress
Cost effectiveness
3D model of Bronka port

Environment information

Ecological examination

The Company "Fenix" considers protection of the environment as one of the priority issues that have to be solved during MSCC "Bronka" projection and construction.

Shop tests of Konecranes RTG for MSCC Bronka

Shop tests of Konecranes RTG (rubber tyred gantry) equipment intended for MSCC Bronka will be performed in accordance with the delivery contract from May 26 till May 29, 2015 on Konecranes industri...


MSCC Bronka crane runway mounting

Crane runway mounting is performed at MSCC Bronka (Big Port Saint-Petersburg) berth front. The crane runway is mounted with application of Gantrex (Germany) technology and import componen...


MSCC Bronka crane equipment delivery

Under the contract for delivery of crane equipment Liebherr performs construction of four STS cranes for MSCC Bronka (Big Port Saint-Petersburg). The work is perfo...